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We welcome everyone, from students and history buffs to families and curious minds, to participate in our engaging events and tours. We hope you will join us in the discovery of Westlock’s history.


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Preserving the Legacy of Westlock

The memories, customs, and accomplishments that have shaped Westlock are proudly preserved by the Westlock Pioneer Museum. Thousands of objects, which have been gifted from families of early settlers from Westlock and its smaller surrounding settlements such as Clyde, Dapp, Linaria, Busby, Pickard Ville, Vimy,  Pibroch, Jarvie, Fawcett and Flatbush can be found within our walls. 

These carefully preserved artifacts offer a direct connection to the past, providing a glimpse into the lives and legacies of those who laid the foundation for the lively communities we see today. 

Local History

Image of an antique wedding dress on display at Westlock Pioneer Museum


Aladdin Lamps

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As the Westlock Pioneer Museum is a nonprofit, your support is essential to its operation. You can personally help ensure that our heritage is kept alive for future generations by making a donation to the museum.  

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Join with us as we work to protect and showcase Westlock and the surrounding area’s rich history. You can contribute in a number of ways.