Max and Mary Wiese Aladdin lamp collection

wpm031909012Max Wiese, a farmer in the Linaria district, began collecting Aladdin lamps around 1978, after he bought a copy of the book Aladdin: The Magic Name in Lamps. He had been attracted to the striking look of the lamps made by the Mantle Lamp Company of America in Chicago, Illinois, in the early part of the 20th century.
The company, later called Aladdin Industries, made a variety of bright-burning kerosene mantle lamps that were highly functional and often decorative. “I saw those lamps with the tall chimney and thought ‘That’s a unique lamp,’” he said.

For the next 27 years, he travelled regularly in Western Canada and the U.S., collecting some of the most rare and beautiful examples of Aladdin lamps. In 2005, he gave the 140 lamps in the Max and Mary Wiese collection to the museum.

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