Trueblood gun collection

Trueblood gun collectionThe museum’s gun collection is a bequest of the Trueblood family, in memory of Del Trueblood, who gathered most of the guns in the collection. Among them are several rare trade rifles, along with such artifacts as musket balls, a wad cutter, a powder horn and shells.

Colby Trueblood, Del’s father, came to Alberta from Indiana and homesteaded in the Dapp area in 1911. He was an avid hunter and many people stopped at his farm to sight and shoot rifles. Colby and his wife Rose had three children: Lucille (who became Lucille Hide), Del and Helen (Carpenter). Del started collecting shell casings and cartridges as a boy. He decided to save rifles from the homesteaders in the area, which was the beginning of his gun collection.

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